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Hunting Estate 'Gora'

Sjamzhensky Region of Vologda Region

Due to the currently popular healthy lifestyle the wild game is often considered to be useful alternative to domestic animals bred by “intensive methods”. The meat of wild animals and birds enjoying freedom of movement and eating natural food is low in fat and cholesterol.

The wild game commonly contains 5 - 7% of fat at 25% of the same for mutton and 45% for beef. The meat of domestic animals and birds has a predictable taste, while the wild game is diverse in flavors owing to the variable feeding.

The G.GRAF Restaurant is lucky because of having its own hunting land such as Mountain hunting farm located in the ecologically clean area in the north of the Vologda Region. The hunting land is 94,000 ha in area. It is covered with coniferous and leafy forests, swamps, meadows and farmlands. There are many small rivers with crystal clear water and a few beautiful and fish abundant lakes.

This hunting land is well-known for a large number of wild animals and birds such as bear, elk, wild boar, wolf, fox, squirrel, beaver, hare, lynx, wolverine, badger, polecat, grouse, woodcock, grouse, hazel hen, dove, as well as migratory geese and ducks.

The hunting farm pays much attention to breeding the European red deer being a unique animal in this area.

Deer are grown at a special farm, where health and welfare of these animals are of major priority. Calves stay with their mothers until a new generation is born. Since the herd is bred extensively and is feeding year-round in the open air in family groups, animals can fully realize their natural instincts and behavior scenarios. Animals eat only natural food such as grass growing at the farm and stored hay. They drink water from natural sources such as wells, springs, and rivers.

Hence, the G.GRAF Restaurant can delight its visitors with the highest quality game, specify its own standards and seek the best ways to prepare the wild game, in particular, to define the ageing time of the wild game so that it could acquire the best taste.

Today, the meat of deer, elk, wild boar, bear, and hare is delivered to our restaurant from our hunting land.